1. “Supply & Installation” of chemical free boiler and cooling tower treatment system

  2. Marine and offshore services

B-Doctor chemical free water treatment system inspects every phase of boiler operation, including quality of feed water, boiler internal, control and monitoring equipment.

Benefits of B-Doctor

  • Environmental friendly product builds with simple technology and chemical free.

  • No requirement of workforce with the supply of electronics treatment from 24 hr - Feed Water Tank

  • Saving energy with the advance technique of unique descaling effect

  • Environment friendly

  • Chemical free process enhances the life of Boiler and also reduces the cost of chemical substance at the same time

With many year experience of Marine Engineering, Inspection and Surveying, our professional services and major activities providing the followings;

  • Vessel conversion projects management

  • Marine consultancy and survey inspection teams for repair and major modification works

  • Third party independent survey for condition, damage, pre-charter on vessels

  • Chartering of marine and offshore vessels